Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I learnt from the Teacher Tech Tools 3.0 online training documents that copyright traditionally refers to absolute ownership of author’s original work, but with creative commons copyright licenses and tools, a balance inside the traditional copyright order of “reserving all rights” was strike now having three different levels of copyright licenses here below described:

                                      C                                  CC                                  ₡
                             All right reserved      Creative Commons           Public Domain
There are six licenses under creative commons:

  CC BY                CC BY-ND      CC BY-NC-SA           CC BY SA      CC BY-NC   CC BY-NC-ND

C:         the author retains all the rights.
CC:      Author retains the copyright but allow others to copy, distribute, and even remix .
₡:         Not protected by any copyright, can therefore be used freely without permission of the copyright owner except the logos of the original author.
CC BY:                        This allows others to distribute, remix even commercially.
CC BY-ND:     This allows others to redistribute both commercially and non-commercially as long as the   original was not mixed.
CC BY-NC-SA: This allows remix, tweak and even build upon but non-commercially as long as the other party credited the original author under shareAlike terms
CC BY-SA:      This license lets others remix, tweak and build upon even for commercial purposes as long as the third party credited the original author and license their work under shareAlike terms.
CC BY-NC:     This license allows others to remix, tweak, and build upon the original, but non-commercially, and their work must acknowledge the original author without any condition of licensing their work under the same term

CC BY-NC-ND: This license allows the work to be download and shared as long as the author is credited

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